Startup Resources – Tricks Of The Trade Pt. 1

Posted: November 7, 2011 in Tools And Resources
I’ve compiled a list of some great articles and presentations around many of the key concepts that anyone building a consumer facing startup should know about to be successful. I’ll continue to build on this set of resources as I dig up more interesting stuff from my library and the web at large, but here’s the first set of resources to get you started.

The concepts outlined in no particular order are as follows:

Lean Product Management
Dan Olsen posted a great deck on SlideShare about how to do Product Management in a Lean Startup:

A/B Testing

Measuring Customer Conversion, Growth, and Engagement

Site Analytics Tools:

Site Traffic, Engagement, and Revenue – To track overall sales, page views, vanity metrics, and PPC/Affiliate Campaigns.

Growth, Cohort Analysis, and User Behavior

Continuous Deployment
Continuous Deployment is a process introduced by the Lean Startup where companies like WordPress currently do about 16 releases a day into production…believe it or not…through this process. It’s becoming a widely implemented norm at the many tech startups. Here’s an article about how Continuous Deployment is done at WordPress:

  1. Richard says:


    Great article!

    Why will you be using kissmetrics as well as mixpanel? What is mixpanel lacking (or vica-versa). I’m trying to decide between them, but so far am leaning towards kissmetrics.



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